identity & promotional materials for SCAD’s student activities council (SAC)
SCAD’s Student Activities Council (SAC) is a student-led organization within the university.
The organization is in charge of planning numerous events throughout the school year, from an annual Masquerade Ball to movie showings and open mic nights. My role as publicity coordinator was to generate buzz about our events, and to help cultivate and enrich community life at SCAD. During my junior year, after declining student attendance and overall enthusiasm for our events, I realized we were in desperate need of a restructuring and ultimately, rebranding.
This realization ignited an organizational shift in how we as a team presented SAC to students. It pushed us to take a holistic look at the events we presented — sunsetting some less popular events and introducing a few new ones. We followed this with a visual rebranding and the creation of a style guide for future coordinators. This style guide featured poster and social media post templates, plus a promo video (seen above).
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identity & promotional material for a new condo in DUMBO, Brooklyn