Hey there, I’m a Texas born & raised art director and designer for Targé’s Weekly Ad & Digital Promotions, currently based in Mpls, MN.
I am also part of an enterprise-wide organization of young1 team members2 that provides an authentic and informed perspective on what the next generation3 expects from a company like Target. We read about this younger demographic of guests4, advise on initiatives targeted to them and create company-wide experiences to share out our findings. Plus, we have an (internal) newsletter!!
I basically get to spend my work days finding out what’s going on sale 4-5 weeks before you do, and reading about how inclusive, diverse, environmentally conscious and anxious this next generation is.
Outside of Targéland™, I watch far too many movies and TV shows, travel (maybe just a little too much?) and avoid oxford commas like the plague. I now sometimes use oxford commas, I like to think of it as character development. I also occasionally add to my list of random facts.
  1. young
    all members graduated college five years ago or fewer
  2. team members
    Target refers to its employees as team members
  3. next generation
    in 2018, this refers to generation z and young millennials, though as time goes on it will refer to the *next generations* (alpha, we see you!)
  4. guests
    Target refers to its customers as guests