identity for a new internal organization at Target
Glassbox is a recently created internal organization within Target —we’re talking spring of 2017-ish.
We act as a resource, sounding board and gut check for Target to understand the Next Guest, a term created to refer to the *next* generation of Target guests. Right now, in 2018, that Next Guest is Generation Z and Young Millennials, though it will continue to change as time goes on—we see you Alpha!
The group was created to ensure that Target can better prepare its business strategies and existing work to serve guests now and in the future. Glassbox isn’t an agency. All of our members are Target employees and span across the company, from HQ to stores. Oh, and we all graduated college between 0-5 years ago.
My role in the organization has shifted since its inception, but throughout the past year or so I’ve helped name and brand it; created style guides and designed promotional material; developed and led four company-wide events; and continue to edit a monthly (internal) newsletter.
Glass[inbox] is our company-wide newsletter that dives into topics such as the diversity of Gap’s Bridge the Gap campaign or the ups and downs of maintaining multiple online personalities at such a young age. Proud to say that Target’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rick Gomez, receives and reads it!
We also include a word or phrase currently being used by the young ’uns, plus the definition and a little history on its origin. Yes, we serve up new words and their etymology.
We also produce discussion-based events centered around the Next Guest’s expectations when it comes to representation, inclusion, mental health, sexual harassment, corporate responsibility, activism and everything in-between—anyone want to chat about woke TV? We did.
This clip (part of a much larger, inspiring talk) has become a fave of mine, and something we’ve shared quite often. It truly illustrates the *cravings* of the Next Guest, and encapsulates what I try to get across through my role in Glassbox.
the next project is...
identity & promotional materials for SCAD’s student activities council (SAC)